Yodock 2001MBImpact AttenuatorsImpact Attenuators - Quadguard IIPortable Traffic Barriers


The Yodock 2001MB is a patented water-ballasted device used for traffic control and construction projects. It can be used empty or ballasted with water, sand, or other materials. It can be interconnected or spaced apart to clearly delineate the intended path for motorists, pedestrians, and workers. Improved features include increased durability, versatility, and functionality. The Model 2001MB is made from High Molecular Weight High-Density Plastic, which makes it 4-5 times stronger than other LLDPE plastic products.

 Features and Benefits:
As with any product, it is only as good as its engineering and design. Now on their third set patents, Yodock has incorporated specific features and benefits to create the most superior water barrier products in the industry. When purchasing products in incorporate into your capital asset inventory, you want to ensure that you are getting the best value-for-money, not the lowest price product.
•    Portability The forklift holes are located above the center of gravity for ease of transport
•    Tie-Down Holes Three on each side allows the user to increase stability and decrease deflection
•    Inter-connectivity Independent Coupling device provides 5000 PSI strength for a stronger connection
•    Filling Two large fill holes allow for quick filling
•    Draining Two Drain plugs allow for quick draining. Also allows for safe draining when adjacent to moving traffic
•    Appearance Due to superior design, the unit does not change shape (bulging) when filled with water
Traffic Control Approvals
As you know, safety is our business. By having the necessary approvals for your equipment, you are not only providing a safe worksite for your customers but also minimizing your risk of litigation if there is an impact on the worksite. Don’t be the next person on the witness stand explaining why you chose a product that has not been physically crash tested. The Model 2001M-B has more federal (FHWA) and State DOT approvals than any other water barrier in the world.
Approved Applications
This product has the following industry approvals, based on actual crash testing results:
•    Longitudinal Channelizing Barricade (WZ-106)
•    Type III Barricade (WZ-107)
•    Barricade (WZ-22, WZ-107)
•    TL-2 Barrier Wall (with 350 Rail Kit) (B97 NCHRP350 Approval Letter)
•    Sign Support (WZ-127)
The Model 2001M has been designed and engineered to be used in multiple ways:
•    TL-2 Barrier Wall - Can be accessorized to be used in work zones up to 45 mph
•    Temporary Fencing - Can be accessorized to create a fencing solution superior to all competitive products.
•    Traffic Control Barricade - Can be put on all federal and most state highways
•    Type III Barricade & Road Closure - When accessorized with the Type III kit, it is the only water barricade in the industry with this approval.
•    High-Intensity Sign Support - Used during high wind and extreme conditions to ensure sign stability