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The Range Tracker System

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Determining Pass & No-Pass Zones

The Range Tracker System is a unique method to determine highway no-passing zones. The system utilizes two vehicles, a lead vehicle equipped with a specially modified NiteStar DMI (Distance Measuring Instrument), a RF modem, and telemetry, and a second vehicle with a NiteStar DMI, a modem and a laptop computer to log events.

The Range Tracker System works by having two vehicles travel simultaneously. The lead vehicle continuously transmits its road travel distance to the following vehicle, and the difference between the two values is the separation distance between the two vehicles. This difference is monitored and logged on the following vehicle's laptop. Passing and no-passing zones are mapped out by recording the distances where the lead vehicle drops out of sight and then reappears.

The in and out visibility of a target on the leading vehicle is recorded to determine if a no-passing zone is required. The driver in the trailing vehicle can adjust the vehicle separation by controlling his speed. In addition, data may be entered pertaining to physical landmarks and items such as intersections, school zones, bridges and more. This analysis allows accurate establishment of no-passing zones for paint striping plans and detailed inventory of highway physical features.

The Range Tracker System consists of:
  • A Laptop Data Collection Unit
  • 2 Radio Frequency Modules
  • 2 NiteStar DMIs
  • 2 Power Distribution Modules
  • Telemetry & Specialized Software
  • 2 Magnetic Mount Antennas
  • 2 Vehicle Sensor Kits
  • Portable Printer