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Safety and Security of Tunnels

Safety and Security of tunnels have become major issues over these past years.
Tunnels are sensitive and vulnerable infrastructures and any incident, even minor, if not tackled early enough can turn into major events such as Accidents, Smoke or Fires.

Aside from ensuring mobility through the tunnel, Traffic Control Centers now need to keep an eye on the infrastructures Security.

This is the reason why Tunnel Managers want faster, more exhaustive and more reliable incident detection means for their tunnels in order to ensure maximal security of the infrastructure and optimum Safety of their Road Network.

Why use video based detection in your tunnel?

Video Detection is the only solution that meets these 3 criteria of:
  •     speed of detection
  •     reliability
  •     and exhaustiveness
Most tunnel operators around the world have already appraised the situation and are now using video detection as the main component of their safety system.

Firstly, it allows real time detection of an event: alarms are most of the time triggered before any consequence on the traffic can be observed.
Secondly, it provides a wide spectrum of detectable events, from the stopped vehicle, the pedestrian and the wrong way vehicle to fire detection and smoke detection. By combining all these possibilities, image processing appears as the most comprehensive means of detecting accidents in tunnels.

Thirdly, it offers real time incident validation tools for operators in the control room such as pre and post incident video recordings. These tools are highly valuable when it comes to assessing the gravity of an incident. Being able to instantly look at the seconds preceding the detection time allows operators to better understand accident scenes and therefore react quickly and efficiently to all situations.

How does a Video Detection System work?

Existing video signals from the bridge CCTV system (analog or digitally encoded) are fed into a Video Detection Unit.

The Video Detection Unit runs a Detection Algorithm. This algorithm is based on tracking techniques and trajectory analysis and detects stopped vehicles within the field of view of the camera.

All Video Detection Units are linked to a Supervisor that receives and dispatches the alarms to Workstations and/or ATMS / SCADA systems. Operators are then, instantly provided with the location of the incident, its type, the live video image and the recording of the seconds preceding the incident.

All these elements combined together allow for a fast and efficient response to incidents.

Can it be installed at any tunnel?

Citilog Video Detection solutions have been designed to fit into Tunnels security systems with no disturbance of the existing video and safety systems architectures.

The Video Detection System operates on standard existing video signals: either analog signals or digitally encoded signals over IP.
Video Detection Units are located wherever the video signals are available (in the field, in a hub or at the tunnels Traffic Control Center). The systems architecture is flexible and Citilog offers a wide range of communication solutions.

Citilog also offers solutions that can run reliably on Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, with or without preset positions.

Our extensive experience in this field have lead us to adapt our algorithm to extreme situations, be it a low clearance tunnel, a heavy traffic urban tunnel, a high speed motorway tunnel or high performance expectancy.

Why Citilog is recognized Wold leader in Automatic Incident Detection

From its earliest development 20 year ago to its most recent enhancements, Citilog Video Image Processing algorithms have been focused on incident detection and the transportation industry. Because this algorithm is not based on Traffic Data variation or Loop Emulation but on true Vehicle Tracking, our systems are far more accurate and reliable.

Citilog is recognised as the leader in Automatic Incident Detection because Vehicle Tracking techniques have proved their superiority in both detecting the right event but also in presenting Traffic Operators information that they can rely on.

Our Video Incident Detection Systems are field-proven and have been successfully deployed worldwide to enhance Safety and Security on various types of road infrastructures: highways, expressways, bridges and tunnels.