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Safe-Hit™ Soil Anchored Delineators

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Safe-Hit's complete line of durable & flexible, soil anchored posts provide delineation and enhance motorist safety on public and private roadways. Typical applications include guide posts, culvert markers, median crossovers, and mile markers.

The Safe-Hit Surface Flexible Soil Anchored Guide Post System includes many features and benefits, including:
  • A unique two part system incorporates the use of a permanent anchor and a replaceable post.
  • Unlike STEEL posts, these FLEXIBLE posts cause minimal damage to impacting vehicles while reducing personal injury.
  • Tubular, galvanized anchor is available in various lengths to accommodate different soil conditions.
  • Permanent anchor can be installed with the use of a hand driver or power equipment.
  • The post is easily replaced without having to reinstall the existing anchoring system.
Reflective labels are available for special applications, including markers for:
  • Mileage (mile markers)
  • Culverts
  • Motorist aid call boxes
  • Median crossovers
  • Objects / hazards
  • Boundaries
  • Bridges
  • Gore points
  • Drains
  • Fire hydrants
  • Island ends

A Safe Hit Soil Mount Starter Kit is also available which includes 25 Safe-Hit posts, 25 Anchors and 1 SH-30-6 manual anchor installation tool. Call your customer support representative for details.

Replacement posts for driveable anchors:
For replacement guide posts without anchors, change part number "GP3" to "GPR"

Anchor options:
The standard post comes with a Type GP3 Drivable 18" Soil Anchor. You may select other Anchor Options as follows: