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Graffiti Removal

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Elephant Snot (Gold Max)

The workhorse for the most difficult of porous surface removal requirements - ELEPHANT SNOT penetrates deeply into concrete, cement, brick, grout, stone, virtually anything porous to dissolve and loosen all types of tags, and in many circumstances, simple water hose pressure will do the job.

Shadow Max

On occasion all graffiti removers may leave shadows or outlines despite repeated removal attempts with conventional removers. Shadow Max is specifically formulated to effectively remove even the most difficult of shadows and ghosts from all types of porous surfaces. SHADOW MAX when nothing else works.

Smooth Max

If it is a smooth, non-porous, and durable surface, SMOOTH MAX is the right choice for the job. Works on automotive finishes, bus or truck finishes, glass, glazed tile, polished stone, baked on painted surfaces, Fiberglas. SMOOTH MAX will remove graffiti from all these surfaces and do it fast by simply wiping if off or use garden hose pressure to rinse it off in just a few short minutes.

Max Swipes Towelette

A virtually odor free moist towelette packaged in a handy tube. It is the convenient way to remove paint, permanent marker, etc. from smooth finishes such as bathroom partitions, playground equipment, lockers, plastic laminates (formica), stainless steel, automotive, truck or bus finishes, vinyl upholstery, and much, much more.

Coating - Sacrificial


An "all surface" "no stick" coating that provides an invisible barrier to prevent otherwise difficult to remove soils from adhering. This greatly reduces labor and time needed when the treated surface is cleaned, without requiring the use of harsh or toxic cleaners. MAXALL may be applied to any surface not damaged by water.