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CushionWall® II Crash Cushion System

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Superior Design
  • Sectional design consists of energy-absorbing, reusable, "smart plastic" (HMW/HDPE) cylinders that fit behind a concrete transition. The cylinders can be customized to fit each specific application.
Redirective Capability
  • Energy-absorbing, longitudinal wall dissipates kinetic energy, and redirects the vehicle back onto roadway at shallow angle. The cushioning keeps driver in control, reducing secondary accidents.
  • Crashworthy at speeds up to 70 km/h (43 mph) and at angles as high as 20°, when impacted by vehicles weighing up to 2,041 kg (4,500 lbs).
Easy Maintenance
  • No expendable components need to be refilled or replaced. 99% Self-Restoring after design impacts.
  • The CushionWall II System will self restore after most design impacts, typically regaining up to 99% of its original shape and capacity without maintenance or repair of major components.

Specifications (PDF)