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Impact Monitoring System

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Remote Monitoring
  • A compact, self-contained, solar-powered unit, Impact Monitoring System (IMS) monitors the condition of EASI crash cushions. Whenever a crash cushion is impacted, IMS immediately notifies the central monitoring station, which then contacts appropriate personnel.
Verification of System Health
  • IMS can be set up to provide periodic good health reports on crash cushions.
Superior Design
  • One or more sensors are attached to an IMS module which poles these sensors continuously. When a sensor activates, an event triggers. IMS sends notification to a central server, which then dispatches a notice to the appropriate agency for further action.
Reliable Data Transfer
  • IMS uses Cellemetry® data service for a 2-way communication platform. Cellemetry® uses the non-voice channel, which cellular systems use for roaming, so it does not contend with voice traffic

Specifications (PDF)