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When you need to impact high risk drivers in a big way and you have a frequent need to deliver an important message, choose the speedALERT. By delivering a message consisting of up to three screens, you can target messages to individual drivers. In addition, you can remove the component variable message sign and radar speed display so each can be used separately.

  • Flexible: This configuration can be pole or trailer mounted and is perfect for school zones, campuses or anywhere a more significant impact is required.
  • Speed Display: 24" digits provide large feedback for bigger or busier roads.
  • Messaging: Full matrix display provides 1, 2, or 3 lines of text or full graphics capability.
  • Speed-Dependent Messaging: You may want compliant traffic to know the festival starts at 8 PM but you may want violators to know there is an officer ahead. Automatically vary the message delivered depending on the speed.
  • Simple Programming: All sign functions are accessed easily using a PC or wireless PDA.
  • Upgradeable: speedALERT is fully upgradeable to new options and can integrate easily with other products and services provided by All Traffic Solutions. Ask about how our PremierCare program can protect you even further.

Radar Speed Display
  • Compatible with the 12",15" or 18" SPEEDsentry. See SPEEDsentry Product Tour for more information.
  • SPEEDsentry sends realtime vehicle speeds to the instALERT.

Variable Message Sign
  • Utilizes the instaLERT Rapid Messenger. See instALERT Product Tour for more information.
  • The instaLERT receives the real time speed from the SPEEDsentry and displays the appropriate message.

Communication Between Signs
  • Wireless Bluetooth communication link between instALERT and SPEEDsentry minimizes wires and maximizes flexibility.

Combined or Independent Operation
  • All signs work independently when not connected in speedALERT configuration
  • All signs work on trailer, pole, hitch mount or trailer; together or separately.

  • Both signs can be powered from the same source.
  • See our power details for more information

  • Mounting configurations available for pole and trailers
  • See our mounting details for more information

  • Program via wireless Bluetooth PDA
  • Speed Dependent Messaging: associate a different message depending on the speed window in which vehicles are traveling
  1. No Vehicles recorded
  2. Vehicle Speed <= Speed Limit
  3. Speed Limit <= Vehicle Speed <= User set speed 1
  4. User Set Speed 1 <= Vehicle Speed <= User Set Speed 2
  5. User Set Speed 2 <= Vehicle Speed

  • Firmware is field upgradeable
  • Displays are easily shipped via UPS

Specifications (PDF)