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SPEEDsentry Shield is the ideal radar speed sign when portability is paramount. Whether you need to move one sign or twenty, they can all fit in your vehicle. Using the SPEEDsentry Shield dynamic speed display to clear complaints, increase public awareness, or simply broaden your impact leads to better results because you'll use it more often, in more places.

  • Compact: Weighing only 15 lbs including battery, you can fit several Shields in the passenger seat and mount them almost anywhere; pole, trailer or vehicle.
  • Extended Battery Life: Lithium ion batteries provide longer life in a smaller package. Choose solar assist or AC supply for more permanent installations.
  • Durable: The Shield's welded aluminum enclosure, shatterproof shield and impact absorbing corners make it even tougher than our regular SPEEDsentry.
  • Simple to Program: Both the wireless PDA and onboard buttons are easy to understand.
  • Powerful Data: Easily download and review the days and times you want in the speed bins you choose.
  • Upgradeable: SPEEDsentry Shield is fully upgradeable to new options and can integrate easily with other products and services provided by All Traffic Solutions. Ask about how our PremierCare program can protect you even further.
  • 12" digit height
  • High-visibility display with anti-glare, tinted, " UV stabilized Lexan shield combined with superbright LEDs for maximum contrast and visibility up to 1,500'
  • LED Pixels; Amber 595nm, 30 degree viewing angle, 100,000 hrs, black background
  • Automatic dimming for ambient light conditions
  • Displays in MPH or KPH.

Enclosure & Signage
  • Total weight, including battery, is 15 lbs.
  • Integral handle
  • MUTCD compliant "Your Speed" sign with high intensity prismatic reflective background
  • Durable, anti-corrosion 14 gauge aluminum powder coated chassis and stainless steel hardware.
  • Padded carrying case with accessory pockets

  • Weatherproof NEMA 4, IP65 electronics compartment.
  • 100% solid state and conformal coated circuit boards

  • Approach only K-band (24.15 Ghz, FCC Certified, +-1MPH accuracy from 5-150MPH, pickup up to 1,500'
  • User adjustable sensitivity, 12 degree cone


  • Internal 10Ah (16Ah avail) lithium ion battery and charger can provide weeks of standalone power depending on road conditions and settings.
  • AC or solar assist in 20W, 60W or 120W capacities
  • See our power details for more information


  • Universal tamper resistant mounting system to attach to pole, hitch mount or
  • See our mounting details for more information

Standard Programming
  • User changeable settings; Max speed to display, min speed to display, display activation speed, radar sensitivity, strobe activation speed (opt), data logging enabled (opt)
  • Sign returns to last configuration when power is restored and all data is retained.
  • Configuration via 2-button panel or PC
  • Bluetooth Management; access all sign settings and download data via wireless PDA (opt).

Optional Features

  • Datalogging; over 2,000,000 records provide weeks of speed data and approximate volume analysis. Review in SPEEDsentry data software or wxport as CSV file.
  • WebEmpowered; online data management and cellular connectivity service for remote management
  • Metric Display
  • Full Surround "Your Speed" wrap sign.
  • Tamper Alarm
  • Bullet resistant display face rated to 38 special.
  • Violator strobe to alert high speed drivers
  • Auxiliary relay contact closure to trigger external devices at user-specified speeds
  • Can be integrated into speedALERT configuration


  • Firmware is field upgradeable
  • Displays are easily shipped via UPS

Specifications (PDF)