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The SPEED-i video imaging system provides a powerful way to make motorists aware of their driving behavior. This solution is built on an adjustable camera integrated within a SPEEDsentry radar speed display that captures images of violators traveling over a speed threshold you determine.
  • Discreet: Packaged inside the SPEEDsentry radar speed display, the SPEED-i efficiently collects approaching images of your worst offenders.
  • Embedded Information: Vehicle speeds, location, display status, date and time are all embedded directly in the image at the time of recording.
  • Practical: Use the video documentation for security, warnings of enforcement on public or private roadways.
  • Manageable: Condense a month's time into just a few minutes of video clips showing your most severe violators.
  • Proactive: With a radar speed display first showing drivers their speed, nobody can say you didn't show them what they were doing wrong before you recorded it.
  • Upgradeable: SPEED-i is fully upgradeable to new options and can integrate easily with other products and services provided by All Traffic Solutions. Ask about how our PremierCare program can protect you even further.

Radar Speed Display
  • Compatible with the 15" SPEEDsentry. See SPEEDsentry Product Tour for more information. Camera
  • Adjustable forward-aim camera and DVR mounted inconspicuously and safely inside the SPEEDsentry.
  • Setup through SPEEDsentry interface and PC; network controllable if Ethernet provided (opt)
  • Unique HD to NTSC color camera with 3 electronic zoom areas and advanced image DSP
  • 5" color LCD video screen included to assist in setup
  • IR block filter for day/night performance

  • Initiates recording only when vehicles speeds exceed a user set threshold
  • Video overlay imprints vehicle speed, speed limit, location, display status date and time on image at time of recording
  • Over 12,500 10 second clips at 30fps; 36 hours total
  • Two 160GB HDDs in mobile cradles to allow one to record while the other is being reviewed
  • 4-channel DVR for multiple video feed recording

  • Playback via remote Ethernet control of DVR (opt)
  • Resolution NTSC 720 x 480 pixels
  • MJPEG video compression
  • USB hard drive reader and software for convenient PC playback of video and still image capture

  • Recommended power source is AC but can also be powered from a trailer supply.
  • See our power details for more information


  • Universal mounting system to attach to pole or trailer
  • See our mounting details for more information

  • Firmware is field upgradeable
  • Displays are easily shipped via UPS