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A complete and affordable GPS vehicle tracking system solution for managing your mobile resources, TrimWeb eliminates the unknowns of vehicle location and status, and makes management of your mobile assets easy, timely, and accurate. The GPS fleet management system is accessible from any computer with Internet connection and pays for itself quickly in fuel savings, better allocation of mobile resources, and faster response to customer requests, and it is even able to send alerts for driver safety issues such as speeding.

Key Benefits

Elimination of Unauthorized Use - TrimWeb monitors the location of vehicles any time, anywhere so fleet managers can eliminate unauthorized access, reduce theft and asset abuse.

More Deliveries Per Day - More efficient fleet routing, decreased driver down-time, and minimized impact of traffic and weather delays help to increase the number of deliveries and customer stops.

Reduced Overtime - TrimWeb automatically logs arrival and departure times at the job sites and tracks the time “en-route” rather than “on the job” so drivers are performing at their peak efficiency level and fleet managers have better control over drivers’ hours on the job.

Reduced Mileage - By monitoring routes and evaluating historical data on routes used overtime, fleet managers are able to ensure route optimization so your drivers are using the most direct routes possible.

Customer Satisfaction - Being able to provide faster response to service requests and accurate, reliable delivery status at any given time leads to more satisfied customers—and satisfied customers lead to repeat business.

Driver Safety - TrimWeb can tell how fast a vehicle is being driven and for how long it traveled above a predefined speed allowing fleet managers to make necessary adjustments to ensure more responsible driving.

With the TrimWeb GPS fleet tracking technology system, management visibility and customer satisfaction are significantly improved.