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The Yodock® Corner Connector is a recyclable component of the Yodock® Traffic Control System. The Yodock® Corner Connector is designed specifically for use with the Yodock® Traffic Control System. The Corner Connector provides a pivot point, which allows nearly any degree of articulation between adjacent Yodock® units. When installed properly, the Corner Connector allows the user to transverse nearly any terrain. In addition, the Yodock® Corner Connector provides access to a site by acting as a gating device.

This specification recognizes the need for a Corner Connector, where two lines of the Yodock® Traffic Control Systems must intersect or turn sharply to accommodate the needs of a particular work site for the channelization of pedestrians, vehicular traffic or for the purpose of containment and/or safety.

  • Recyclable
  • Pivot point for variable degree connections
  • Conforms to nearly any terrain
  • Can serve as gating device


The material is a recyclable polyethylene. It is rotationally molded to a thickness of approximately .150 for the standard units and .250 with the optional heavy duty unit.

Ultraviolet Light: An ultraviolet light inhibitor is introduced into the raw material mix to provide sufficient protection to ensure reasonable life of the product in reasonable weather conditions.


The standard colors are opaque ivory and orange. Other colors may be introduced from time to time as required to comply with the state and federal regulations.


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