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Model 2001SL Slimline Channelizerô

Yodock® Model 2001SL Channelizerô is a recyclable, portable energy disbursement cell. It is the intent of this specification to describe a lightweight, portable plastic traffic control device. The intended use of the Yodock® 2001SL Channelizerô is to assist in the delineation of a work zone or gore area, street and road closures, as well as providing clear delineation for traffic channelization, pedestrian safety and construction areas. Actual unit measurements are nominal and may be subject to change.

This Specification recognizes the need for a lightweight, portable traffic control device to perform some of the functions of longitudinal channelizing barricades, cones, barrels, Types I, II and III Barricades and other such devices used to control, direct, channel and stop vehicular and pedestrian traffic for purposes of aiding in containment and/or safety.