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MH Corbin’s IntelliZone System is an advanced ITS software platform that allows you to manage and deliver real-time messages to motorists, well in advance of weather-related concerns or traffic congestion. Providing motorists with accurate, timely information they can trust is challenging, but the IntelliZone delivers with customized systems to meet your needs.


  • Alert drives of:
    • A draw bridge, tunnel, or RR crossing closure
    • High winds on a canyon or waterway bridge
    • Icy or flooded highways
    • Low visibility due to fog or snow in a mountain pass
    • Slow or stopped traffic in a curve ahead
    • Over height vehicles
    • Smart work zones
  • Alert TMC operators of:
    • Road treatment effectiveness
    • Traffic and speed conditions
    • Evacuation route alternatives
    • Ramp closures


  • Map feature displays all devices graphically
  • Modular, scalable, flexible architecture can be easily modified to meet your project requirements
  • Can be used with existing road/traffic sensors and message signs
  • User defined thresholds trigger emails, messages, and events which update motorists
  • NTCIP Compliant
  • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL support
  • Powerful Text-To-Speech capabilities (optional package)


The AdvanceWarn product is a unique system that utilizes traffic monitoring sensors, Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) that sense weather and pavement conditions, HARs and permanent or portable message signs. The AdvanceWarn system is a completely integrated advanced warning system to monitor current conditions and inform motorists of hazardous weather and traffic problems.

The AdvanceWarn system works by first using RWIS to collect data from traffic, pavement and atmospheric weather sensors. Then IntelliZone software analyzes the data and, when conditions warrant, sends a message to HARs and portable message signs along the roadway. The HARs and portable message signs automatically update, in real-time, to provide hazardous weather and traffic conditions to motorists.


The Dynamic Detour Alert System is designed to inform motorists when they should use an alternate route and provides information about expected travel time delays. The system utilizes traffic sensors, dynamic message signs and highway advisory radios. Aditionally, a web site provides information to motorists pre-planning their trip.

The Dynamic Detour Alert System retrieves data from traffic sensors, calculates the travel time delay and updates the dynamic message signs, highway advisory radios and flashing beacons to reflect the current conditions. If the travel delay exceeds a user-defined limit, motorists traveling in either direction are informed of the delay and a detour route is provided.


The Hydroplane Detection/Alert System manages traffic flow during and after heavy rains by utilizing changeable message signs to alert motorists of an upcoming hazard. The system detects high water and hydroplaning conditions by using sensors in the roadway. The system then transmits the data to the message signs, providing motorists with accurate, timely information so they can reduce their speed and increase their safety.

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