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Traffic Counting Devices / Permanent Count Stations / Traffax

Battery-Operated Portable Units

BluFAX portable units are battery-operated, self-contained units designed to provide ultimate flexibility in placing units for traveltime and O-D studies on freeways, arterials, and urban roadways roadways. These stand-alone units, packaged in a water-proof Pelican case operate for at least 14 days on a fully-charged AGM-typebattery. Standard portable units are configured with a Class 1 Bluetooth radio and antenna with a detection zone of approximately 100m (apprxomately 330 ft).

Depending upon study requirements, units can be placed at or near ground level, on barriers or guard rails and secured using a cable and locking mechanism. Brackets are available which allow units to be mounted on poles and structures, when elevating units is needed to keep units out of reach or when increased detection rates are needed. All BluFAX units have a built-in GSM modem, which, when enabled with a SIM card and data plan, supports remote data reporting and/or real-time transmission of data. A license to use our BluSTAT analysis software is included with all rentals at no extra charge. The software is user friendly and provide analysis capabilities needed for most travel-time and OD studies. All data can be exported in .csv or Excel format for further analysis, if desired. A free webinar on the use of BluStat software is available upon request.

Solar-Powered BluFAX Unit

Realtime Units BluFAX realtime, permanent mounted units are based on Traffax’s industry proven low ‐power, embedded Bluetooth detection sensors. This allows flexible installation using either solar or existing power sources, and either cellualr or existing data links. Integrated GPS provides international time synchronization and asset location. Data is transmitted in real time to BluFAX Web which provides storage, processing, and reporting. Internet based reporting is supported at any level of data aggregation, from individual Bluetooth detections, to travel time and speed averages at specified time intervals.

Permanent Mounting

BluFax may be permanently mounted for continuous, real‐time detection of traffic. BluFAX units are designed for flexible power and communications options.  Three basic potential configurations cover the majority of installation environments. These include (1) completely self‐powered stand alone operation, (2) mounting in an existing traffic signal cabinet, (3) mounting BluFAX externally in its own enclosure with supplied power (and possibly supplied landline communications.)

Cellular Modem Options

BluFAX portable units now have the capability to send daily data files using a cellular modem. When this feature is activated,  the unit can be configured to reboot once per day and to deliver data reports via email at an attachment at defined time intervals. This option allows data to be collected without visiting the unit,and also provides confirmation of unit operational status.